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How much will my new roof cost?

This is probably the most common questioned asked when first contact is made and initially quite hard to answer because of the different house roof types and products that can be used. An approximate cost could be given via telephone conversation but as a company we would prefer to visit the property to survey and then form a full and completely free of charge quotation.site on the whole.

Will we need planning approval?

As long as you are using a similar roofing product you will not require a planning application but you will require Building regulation and this cost can vary from local authority to local authority. An approximate cost of £ 180.00 is a guide. This is mainly to make sure you have the right amount of insulation and can be applied for by your roofing company and built into your cost.

I live in a semi detached house do
I require a Party Wall agreement?

The letter of the Law states that if you have adjoining neighbours you require a Party Wall agreement, but if you inform your neighbours that you intend to carry out these works via a friendly conversation receiving their permission is normally good enough. That said you should approach this subject well before you intend the work to start just in case you need to invoke a Party Wall Agreement which can take 28 days.

What is this Part L I have heard about?

This is reference to the thermal value of your property. Or in English the amount of insulation in your property. You should have a minimum of 300mm thick of insulation in your loft space. If you don’t have sufficient insulation you will need to upgrade this. Again your roofing contractor should be able to do this for you if required.

There are so many companies out there. How can I tell which one to use?

That’s easy AJS Professional roofing. Seriously, it is always a good idea to pick 3 companies to quote for your works and if you can use companies recommended this is always best. There are also some other information to look out for: Being registered with a governing body, being an approved installer of the product you require, fully insured with public and employees liability, having an up to date health and safety policy being registered with the CITITB. Don’t be shy ask the companies for some references.

What product should I have on my roof?

The internet is great do some research on the net. If you are still unsure any decent roofing contractor will spend some time to find out your needs and advise you as to which product will suit your needs.